Cat wash

by Volker Weber



Cats NEVER needs to be washed. They are more than capable to maintain their fur. AMHO a light form of animal cruelty...

Boudewijn Kiljan, 2006-02-05

»Cats aren't clean, they're just covered in cat spit.«


Christian Bogen, 2006-02-05

Boudewijn, that's not right. When a cat gets too close to oil or something similar, it's cruel not washing it.

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-05

All I can say is this... there is *no* way I'd ever be naked in an enclosed area with water and a cat. One word... claws.

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2006-02-05

Bodewijn, Martin is right. -- I remember washing our cat after Chernobyl.
He hated it, obviously.

Sebastian Krauß, 2006-02-05

Eigentlich waschen sich Katzen ja selbst, so dass solche Bilder überflüssig sind

Gabriele Müller, 2006-02-05

Friend of mine has a cat (actually, his girlfriend now wife has one) and also a cat allergy. But if he washes the cat once a month, he has absolutely no symptoms of the allergy.

So sometimes it is "a good thing" (tm) to wash a cat.

Martin 'm3' Leyrer, 2006-02-05

A good thing for the human in the equation, not neccesarily for the cat ;)

Ross Hawkins, 2006-02-05

Wenn Katzen sich aber uneigentlich NICHT "waschen" sprich ablecken weil sie voller Schmuddel oder Öl oder Dreck oder Unaussprechlichem sind...dann sollte man sie mal waschen - das ist hilfreich und notwenig-
und das hat noch jede Katze überlebt und härtet ab ;-)

Gabriele Müller, 2006-02-05

It's a fact that lazy cats with long hair attract dingleberries. And Duffbert is right, catwashing should only be performed wearing thick-leather-welding-gloves!

Martin Schroers, 2006-02-06

Actually, long-haired cats can benefit from a good shampoo. (We are owned by a Persian and by a Selkirk Rex.) And not all cats hate it. One of our cats _likes_ to be wet; in fact, his hair curls better after we get him damp.

If you ever attend a cat show, you'll see plenty of cats who have been shampooed and blown dry. If you start doing it when they're kittens, they don't generally mind at all. It's very much like clipping their nails; Meriwether associates his monthly nail-clipping with "Oh boy! an extra treat! Yum!"

I wouldn't do the cat shampoo naked in the shower, though. If nothing else, the cat is more comfortable in a small space where she can have her feet firmly planted on the surface, such as a bathroom sink.

Esther Schindler, 2006-02-06

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