Briggs & Riley is a good company

by Volker Weber

duffle bag

About ten years ago Ute bought me a Briggs & Riley wheeled duffle bag. I have since travelled with it numerous times around the world. It has been abused by airlines and baggage handlers, but it has only broken twice. The last time it broke, I had to send it to a shop in the UK which repaired and sent it back promptly. On the last trip it broke again and there is no more repair shop outside of North America. So I sent them an email, and Briggs & Riley swiftly replied.

I was instructed to take the bag to a local repair shop, get a quote for the amount it takes to repair the bag and get back to Briggs & Riley. They will reimburse me for the repair. Lifetime warranty, how does that sound?


I own Tumi, Briggs & Riley, and Rimowa. They each have done well, each for their intended purpose. But lifetime warranty is a major plus for both Tumi and B&R. B&R tends to be better engineered for travel, Tumi tends to look better.

Ed Brill, 2006-02-07


Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-02-08

I am also a fan of TUMI luggage (bought a new Tumi case in Atlanta in January after my Samsonite was broken).
I also have very good experiences with the service of Tumi. Last year the metal hook of my 10 year old Tumi computer bag broke, it just was chafed after using the bag for 10 years nealy every day. I went to a Tumi Dealer in Stuttgart and after a week i received a complete new shoulder strap for free.

Franz Mattes , 2006-02-08

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