by Volker Weber

Eric Hancock observes:

All those douchebags? They bought cameras.

Everywhere I go, people are carrying (and using) cameras. Conferences. Restaurants. Funerals. Concerts. And not sophisticated cameras with fast lenses; they are carrying point-and-shoot cameras with the flashes popping all over the place.

You can't go anywhere interesting without having a couple dozen people snapping photos. A bunch of people popping flashes at annoying, inappropriate times. As if capturing the moment on a compact flash card somehow validates their existence.

And I'm sick of it.

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It'd be much less a problem if the manufacturers of those point-and-shoot cameras would make the flashes "behave". Most - so not say all - such devices I know use the flash way too soon. That's probably because the user (photoprapher most likely isn't the appropriate word here) is not to be bothered with holding his hands still for some tenth of a second. If the flashes would be a bit more conservative most of those user would get a lot of pictures even they wouldn't want to look at. So the problem would die off automatically after a while. But then, maybe the sales of those point-and-shoot devices would do so, too.

Stefan Rubner, 2006-02-07

Am I the only one who thinks that it's quite ironic that the rant has been posted on a photo blog site like flickr?


Marc Beckersjürgen, 2006-02-08

And on top of it they flash all over the place - a good high powered flash goes about 30 feet - thats it - i see thousands every day flashing away tons of batteries in football stadiums around the world - football soccer olympic
- whatever place does not matter people make fotos of stuff that is 300 feet away with the flash on.
Imagine the money that goes down the drain - all the bad fotos and the pollution because of zillion batteries and the silver used to develop that shit (less now with digicams)

.If just someone would tell them



Wolfgang Achtermann, 2006-02-08

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