Low pressure system

by Volker Weber


Chris has found an interesting error message when upgrading to Notes 7.0.1. Low pressure system? Is that only a storm or a hurricane? :-)

Bruce has more >


Check out another interesting 7.0.1 bug-a-boo:


Bruce Elgort, 2006-02-09

Let's hope some some reasons and fixes start emerging soon. 7.0.1 is an important release for people to see as solid.

I'm having some trouble with a web agent crashing http on 7.0.1 for Linux. It works fine on Windows and the agent used to work fine under 7.0/Linux. Maybe related to the 64k issue? Not sure yet.


Since disabling the problem agent, 7.0.1 has been running great on SLES 8 Linux and Windows servers as well as a couple clients here. I will commit some time tonight to troubleshoot this agent issue.

Jim Anderton, 2006-02-09

"Low Pressure System" in this context is most likely the current database title... and someone probably tried to open the (undefined) 'Help\About...' or 'Help\Using...' document for that database. Just a guess.

Thomas Gumz, 2006-02-10

Nice try Thomas :-) Actually it is my Lotus client title since V4 days. I forgot that was there. Volker caught it and made a damn funny joke out of it actually :-) I didnt think to remove it when pasting in the error

Chris Miller, 2006-02-10

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