by Cem Basman

Is it still possible to have an original and good idea in the web? Yes, Sir!

step 1: you buy an ad on this page
step 2: I take a funny picture of myself and your product
step 3: the funny picture is placed on this page for all to enjoy

Without any Ajax. I love this guy. What a cool business model. This little golden nugget of the web has been discovered by Philipp Lenssen. It made my day.


Perhaps you haven't seen Chris Pirillo's Rent My Chest....

Brian Benz, 2006-02-13

Brian: Hilarious ;)

Cem Basman, 2006-02-13

There was also the "buy a 10px x 10px space on my site" guy:

- Rob

Rob Wunderlich, 2006-02-16

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