Back from Munich

by Volker Weber

After a relaxing visit to Petra, Sandra and Stefan we are back from Munich. 1000 km on 52 liters, reduce to the max. I am still waiting for the final results from the feedback forms, but I have overheard that people were really pleased. I saw one form where the attendee hat drawn another check box above "very good" and check it as "incredible". What more can you ask for. In any case, we will take a close look at feedback and try to make it even better next year. There is always room for improvement. You can mark your calenders:

Lotusphere comes to you: Feb 14-15, 2007, edcom, Munich

One day of relaxing tomorrow and then I will head out for another conference: EntwicklerCamp '06. Looking forward to seeing Ben, Paul and Wild Bill just one month after Lotusphere. Madness! :-)


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