Nokia 9300 Communicators were everywhere

by Volker Weber


Russell Beattie reports on Things I didn't see at 3GSM in Barcelona:

Treos or Blackberries: Nokia 9300 Communicators were everywhere, and though 'd see the odd American with those silly belt-hooks for their Palms and Blackberry phones, they were pretty much non-existant.

Same thing at last week's conference. Anneliese, Mark, Otto, Wolfgang ... everybody had a 9300. I'd probably still be using a Treo, if it had Blackberry Connect yet.


Treo 650 user here, but what I'd drop it for in a second is one of the new E70s.

Kevan Emmott, 2006-02-19

I've been demoing a 9300 since mid-November or so, including all of Lotusphere.

It's interesting if a little slow. I'm running the Blackberry Connect software on it and I was surprised to find out that I'm not missing anything by not having the RIM/Blackberry hardware. I thought I'd at least miss the thumbwheel.

Maybe I'm not creative enough or maybe it's what I do but I don't tend to use most of what the 9300 can (slowly) do. I think it's a little big and heavy for what I'd use it for if it was a personal cell (probably going to get some version of the HTC Tornado for that soon), but comparing between the 9300 and the RIM 7290, I still don't have anything to really prefer one over the other.

Scott Gentzen, 2006-02-19

I'm using a 9500 and the main reason I prefer it to the 9300 or 9300i, is the cursor control key, which is just abysmally bad.

Martin Forisch, 2006-02-20

Has anyone yet tested the new Nokia Communicator 9300i and the BlackBerry Connect Client? I am not talking about the client version for 9300/9500. This client does not work on the 9300i.

Abdelkader Boui, 2006-02-22

Abdelkader: There is no client out for the 9300i yet.

Alexander Kluge, 2006-02-26

I "upgraded" from a 9500 to a 9300!

My 9500 now sits unused.

Ben Rose, 2006-03-10

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