HP Explains where all deleted images go

by Cem Basman



Why on earth are these things on Apple Quicktime? Now that you try to install the QuickTime Plugin you'll get the message, that it is no longer available. Yes, I know that it is now part of the iTunes, but I simply don't need and don't want to have iTunes on my machine, so for me this is silly

Jens-B. Augustiny, 2006-02-24

These things are in Quicktime because it is the only format, which really works.

Volker Weber, 2006-02-24

You can install Quicktime without iTunes. So where's the problem?

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-24

Maybe Jens and I are too...navigationally impaired, but I never found this standalone link either, so thanks a lot Martin.

Frank L. Quednau, 2006-02-24

Frank is right, thanks for the link. I just checked again, I cannot find that link on the QuickTime Download-page ... and others didn't find it either. Andrew Pollack did tell the same on his blog some time ago ....

Jens-B. Augustiny, 2006-02-24

Your welcome! To the link: right above the banner "Which iPod are you?" - the first of the 6 links (on the German site the last link).

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-24

I suggest to use Quicktime Alternative on Windows. With that, you can use your favorite media player & it provides a browser plugin e.g. for Firefox as well. So, no need to install the official Quicktime player...

Michael Woehrer, 2006-02-24

Really... why would anybody use Quicktime for their content? I mean... the quality is just HORRIBLE with that piece of garbage.

We should all be using RealPlayer content!

(this thread is too funny)

Bob Obringer, 2006-02-24

The thread is even funnier now that I go to apple.com and see a huge Quicktime tab at the top... that brings you to a page with a giant "Download" button right at the top center of the screen that Stevie Wonder couldn't miss...

Bob Obringer, 2006-02-24

Well Bob, now you had your fun, let me laugh. You seem to neither have really read the comments nor have followed the "giant "Download" button" and read to what it leads.

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-24

>> We should all be using RealPlayer content!
Wouldn't be a problem at all :-)
I am using Real Alternative that avoids having to install stupid Real player software... ;)

(BTW I just have posted in my blog a related article in German: Medien unter Microsoft Windows abspielen)

Michael Woehrer, 2006-02-24


I can understand all the guys that don't want to install loads and loads of phone home RealPlayer software. I don't either. Up to version 8 it was tolarable ... now it is simply garbage.

As for Quicktime, well it has been around for very long, there are some good codecs out there (crappy ones as well of course). But gernally on the Mac this is great. On a PC they started doing the "package with iTunes" thing that is pure crap for someone who doesn't care for it.

So, whats left ... Windows Media ... oh boy ... now we have a winner! I need not comment on that now, do I ??

There is still "mpg" can be played practically anywhere, ok, that's not bad.

So you see, no matter what you use there will always be seomthing not 100% about it.

So face it, it is the way it is and the movie here in this post happens to be Quicktime.

Either get Quicktime or use the alternative as described above or simply surf elsewhere, wehre there is no Quicktime.

Life is a game, so let's not be too serious around here.

Steffen Gutermann, 2006-02-25

It's just a media format, isn't it? Another point of view: A visitor does not really want to take care about any formats. A visitor/user just want to turn on a "box" (whatever is installed: Windows, Linux, Mac OS,...), launch a web browser, and begin with browsing. When the user thinks that there might be a medium she is interested in, she click on it, and: it should just work. As Jens has mentioned in his first post, the click didn't work. So he was asking why it didn't work. He didn't complain about the format itself, but he complained that it is not being displayed on his Windows PC since a format is being used that Windows does not support.

Microsoft Windows does not even provide a DVD codec, even Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition (!) does not. OK, we know the reason for it: MS would need to pay for it, and that would reduce their margin, therefore they don't do it.
Thus, I can fully understand why people are complaining. Especially, if some software vendors think that they need to install really lots of useless stuff on top. In this case it's just codec, I think not more than 1/2 megabyte is needed for any codec.

However, the QuickTime format has been highly established for some reasons. I do not know why it is better than other formats since I do not yet provide any services so far that need to use stuff like this. Well, if I would do, probably I would know why all those guys out there are using Quicktime (and not DivX, mpeg XY or whatever). But currently, I am just relaxing and enjoying what others provide (and there is nothing to complain about, so Quicktime seems not being bad at all) :-)

Michael Woehrer, 2006-02-25

This is a geek conversation. You are not at all really interested where all these poor and unbeloved images go, arn't you? ... ;)

Cem Basman, 2006-02-25

Cem - you're right. Sometimes it's just better to NOT know something. Probably that's the case here. On the other hand that could be really dangerous ... what if they form a terrorism cell and one time, when they got strong enough, they are going to strike back?

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-25

LOL, this is a funny discussion. BTW, I also wasn't aware of the standalone installer. However, the Quicktime standalone installer on Mac OS X is 50MB (!!!!!!!!!) huge? What the heck?

Moritz Petersen, 2006-02-25

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