"Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what?"

by Cem Basman

Official announcement from the Sex Pistols regarding the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on February 24th 2006. BTW, I thought I ought to put this as a contemporary document in wikipedia (done!) ...


Interesting! In over 20 years they still never learned to spell.

Bob Balaban, 2006-02-25

Well, in their line of business there's no real reason why they should have had to. And I guess there weren't any opportunities to do so either ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2006-02-25

If you yell, you don't spell.

Cem Basman, 2006-02-26

Why the hell would they care about spelling? "If you yell, you don't spell?" What's that, an excuse for being a docile monkey?

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Jon Johnston, 2006-02-27

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