Look at this

by Volker Weber


Continental Europe is terra incognita for Google Maps. Now there is a small map covering the area of Italy which hosts the Olympic Winter Games. Does that mean Google may find the map of Germany when the Worldcup starts in a few months?


It would if americans cared about soccer. They didn't even care about the Olympics that much this time. Worldcup?

Yury Kats, 2006-02-26

I think the Olympics are quite a topic in the US.

Ralph Unden, 2006-02-26

When google maps first came out they had maps for Australia, but after a week or so they disappeared, I could never work out why.

Roger Harper, 2006-02-27

Google Earth has been updated now to cover Germany in hi res!

Simon Barratt, 2006-03-24

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