by Cem Basman

Chris Pirillo is detoxificating and chasten himself:

I'm going to live without searching for anything on Google (or using Google software) for a week... ohmygod.

Because of:

I've been growing increasingly concerned over how Google is starting to do more... and the world is just letting it do more without asking questions (because most users trust the brand blindly). Google is everywhere. I want it to be everywhere, but I also don't want it to be everywhere - because that's very scary. I trust that they will continue to "do no evil" (as opposed to "do know evil?") - but perhaps there's such a thing as "too big?" I have to prepare for the worst.

Follow his desperation and progress here.

Could you live without, say ... Lotus Notes? Uh, I know, you guys ...

[HEALTH WARNING: Googlefasting can seriously shrink your search results - only do this on the recommendation of a SEO professional]


Google Fasting and Ads by Google? The irony.

Volker Weber, 2006-02-27

kann er damit nicht wenigstens bis Aschermittwoch warten?

Rainer Wasserfuhr, 2006-02-27

Today I blogged on Google & Advertising... The post offers some insights regarding potential uses of behavioral surfing data and personal information by Google and other online providers... Although there is a scary aspect, I don't think that we should conclude right away that such practices are detrimental.

I think there is a clear need to design and enact the right laws which will ensure the integrity of these providers... Though, figuring out what's indeed going on in the servers of these new media players is quite tricky. Also, these laws should also ensure that the regulating system will not get corrupt itself, which makes the whole task even more tricky.

Take a look at here if these sound interesting: NeoMarketing.TV: Whats wrong with adsense and google.php

Onur Kabadayi, 2006-02-27

This says it all!

Ben Rose, 2006-02-28

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