Microsoft designs the iPod package

by Volker Weber

If you are seeing a white space above, then YouTube is currently down. Or as Flickr woud say: "is having a massage".


Brilliant. I can think of another company that could learn from this... one with some major product launches in the next year or so. ;-) Of course we, I mean they, don't have boxes... but the same rules should apply for all marketing material, web sites, etc..

Alan Lepofsky, 2006-02-27

Ganz grosses Kino!

Heiko Hebig, 2006-02-27

Phantastisch, danke!

Sebastian Krauß, 2006-02-27

Jetzt weiß ich endlich, vom wem T-[Com|Online] inspiriert wird...

Sascha Carlin, 2006-02-27

Oh yeah... much better like that... Now it looks simple ;-)

Paul Mooney, 2006-02-27

Grossartig. Davon möchte ich mehr sehen!

Phil von Sassen, 2006-02-28

Brilliant. So brilliant, dass youtube jetzt Probleme zu scheinen hat...

Matthias Ernst, 2006-02-28

I saw this link, but can't find where I can download or watch to movie of Microsoft designing the ipod package. Is there a link?


Joanna Choukeir, 2006-03-07

I really enjoyed this! Brilliantly exposes how shortsighted Microsoft can be when it comes to build a good visual identity... Just one question: what's the music? It's haunting me since the first time I've seen the thing and I have to know what it is! Thanks, keep up the good work!

Basoli Livio, 2006-03-15

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