Gearing up for CeBIT

by Volker Weber

Next week is CeBIT, the unofficial end of the winter season. It may be a bit optimistic since this year's show runs a bit early because of the World Cup, but in any given CeBIT so far we had snow, and on a different day I could also drive with the top down. My calendar is quickly filling up with press conferences and parties. You are looking at a 15 hour schedule:


The first day of this schedule is Wednesday, the day before the show kicks off. I have some time left in the afternoon to walk around and see the last minute preparations. You would not believe how much work gets done on this day.

There is still some room left for individual meetings on Friday. And I may have some time left to actually see the show. :-)


Volker sez: "but in any given CeBIT so far we had snow" ... In about almost 3 decades of CeBITs (and Hannover Fairs in former times) I visited it was cold, windy, and it was al ot of rain or snow. It's a magic repeating phenomenon.

Cem Basman, 2006-02-27

I actually believe to remember one (!) CeBIT completely without rain and snow and actually being quite sunny. I have to admit, however, that normally I don't stay for the whole show. So maybe I was just lucky that time.

Stefan Rubner, 2006-02-27

I attend the Fair since the early 70's. My father was a exhibitor from 1965 to 1979. I grew up as a technology fan. I missed not more than 6 or 7 years over all these times due to illness and job issues. And I had a lot of roles over the years from visitor over exhibitor, technical contractor, booth administrator up to journalist ;-) We had every weather over the years. I can remember the 'schneeBIT' with more then one meter of snow or years with about minus 15 degree outside and plus 25 degree inside (the flu rate was about 90% as I can remember). I also remember plus 14 degree during a cebit in April one year. So don't be so one-sided. You will be part of a very special event and you are hosted by a wonderful town with a lot of secrets, green areas (if not coverted by snow) and a lot of friendly and from time to time quirky residents. Enjoy your week!

Richard Kaufmann, 2006-02-27

This will be a quite interesting CeBIT for me attending the first time on the other site of the desk. Maybe we meet at the Pressdesk or at a press conference, Volker.

Martin Hiegl, 2006-02-28

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