Ed gets some praise in Network World

by Volker Weber

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Ed is named one of "Best blogs for buyers":

Ed Brill, a senior marketing manager for Lotus software, is candid and likable. He praises the company but also acknowledges when IBM gets it wrong. In a Jan. 5 post, he admitted that his knee-jerk defense of IBM (and its slack domain-name management) resulted from drinking "a little too much IBM Kool-Aid," and he went on to write that "Microsoft seems to be very good about this."

The blog displays Brill's wry and biting sense of humor. One of the most viewed posts is a PowerPoint presentation provocatively titled "The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where Does that Leave Lotus?" Another good-natured jab was a post that featured a picture of Microsoft Chief Software Architect Bill Gates carrying a precariously balanced sheaf of papers. "Where's his Tablet PC?" Brill mused.

Other blogs mentioned are Tom Kyte of Oracle, Robert Scoble of Microsoft, Mini-Microsoft, Engadged and Techdirt.

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Congrats Ed!


Bruce Elgort, 2006-02-28

I also read and enjoy Ed's blog.

Guys like you Vowe keep Ed on his toes and honest 8-).

Tony S Lee, 2006-02-28

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