Boom boom

by Volker Weber

Looks like the perfect thing to have for a small party. But why is it missing Wi-Fi? This would be neat as a remote speaker for iTunes. And you could use the dock to sync with a remote computer ...


That thing looks like it could come from a production set of a scifi movie. ^_^

Now imagine how the iPod smoothly moves down into the system as soon as it is plugged in... :)

Florian Sander, 2006-02-28

Wie sich die Postings gleichen ;-) Immerhin ist uns nicht die gleiche Headline eingefallen. War aber knapp...

Thomas Cloer, 2006-02-28

Let's wait for the first listening reviews to come in... Looking at the compact design of it, I simply can't imagine this thing delivers "room-filling stereo imaging", as they claim on their website. But I'd gladly be proven wrong.

And yes, the box really looks very sci-fi. Which is great I guess. They even used storm trooper plastic:-)

Martin Switaiski, 2006-03-01

Sounds like Ghetto Blaster technology:

>Powerful and efficient Class D internal amplifiers
> * Internal universal power supply
> * Seamless, quiet switching between AC and DC power
> * DC mode using just six D-cell batteries(1)
>Custom-designed drivers
> * Two 80-mm wide-range
> * One 130-mm woofer

"Hi-Fi" requires usually something different. Will probably sound like the Bose stuff. Me, too, would gladly be proven wrong.

Helmut Weiss, 2006-03-01

Looks underwhelming to me. Although the leather case was the stranger product of their announcement. Who's going to pay that much money for a relatively simple leather case?

Hanno Müller, 2006-03-01

Hmm. The digital music format held on an iPod (some would say, any digital music format) can't really attain or deliver 'hi-fi' anyway - people who really enjoy music are sticking for as long as possible with the good ol' 12 inch floppy disk format, and a decent disk drive to play it on!

Nick Daisley, 2006-03-01

The whole presentation was a serious disappointment in my eyes. The products presented are just far from real innovation. This "Hi-Fi"-thing really gives the impression of being just some sort of stylish ghetto blaster, while offering no serious advantages over the numerous existing dockings. Pricing it at $349 and thereby putting it on second place right after for the Bose system which sells for $379 (I think) was not a good decision. Unless of course, it really offers mind-blowing spatial sound as Apple claims. But I still like the design...

As for the leather case: I don't know who's supposed to buy this either. Mac Mini's getting a $100 price increase while switching to a crappy integrated Intel GMA950 GPU, which is on the market for a year already and doesn't know OpenGL beyond 1.4. Apple's pricing policy seems to go into a terribly wrong direction these days.

Maybe I should change my mind and go for a MacBook Pro instead of waiting any longer for the iBook-successors.

Martin Switaiski, 2006-03-01

No mention of power/power consumption in the tech specs makes me wonder. Ghetto blaster marketing is usually based on Watt ;-)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-03-01

Yes, I was trying to find a watt number anywhere in the specifications too. Actually I think it's a good sign they don't give that number. What we want is crisp sound, not "boom", right?

Martin Switaiski, 2006-03-01

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