Hey, there is a bloody ranting going on over there!

by Cem Basman

Roy Schestowitz, a PhD student at the Victoria University of Manchester UK, gets into a hefty rant and explains why he gave up and unsubscribed Robert Scoble's feed:

When it comes to technology, I found that Scoble cannot tell his ass from his face.

Drew Bell, a writer and designer from St. Louis unsubscribes Scoble too and eight further feeds:

Scoble gets excited about things that are very lame to me. Maybe if I worked at Microsoft, Windows Vista would seem like something to be proud of, instead of a clunky, ugly mess designed by a few hundred people.

The Scobelizer is pissed off. Wild wild west. Showdown starts, deputies in the comments, a saloon fight, and machismo and we get all of them in OK Corral. The betting is opened. It's the good against the bad and the ugly. Microsoft against Open Source. The evangelist against the penguins. Or was it just the other way round?


Hm, this gets confusing ... in my script Microsoft plays the role of the bad and ugly, but Scoble is actually on the good side :-)

Zoli Erdos, 2006-03-04

Can't be easy for Scoble to keep a communication style different to his collegues. If there was an award for the most boring interchangeable interviews in the tech world, it surely must go to Microsoft employees:
".... really excited..." ".... great new features...." "... what our customers have asked for..."
The "customer requests" are particulalry interesting and worth investigating. When B. Gates makes this kind of statement, I wonder: who has he talked to? Journalist, politicians, corporate bosses? "Hey Bill, my secretary asked me to tell you that your guys should include more collaboration in Office! My team couldn't find the final version of my last speach, ha ha. She also said that your UI needs more hidden options and layers, she loves to treasure hunt. And please could we get some more urban desktops. She is developing some kind of allergy to nature motives. "

It must be a tough task for journalists to interview Gates, they probably have to agree to all questions and answers 6 months in advance and then do 3 dummy interviews first. By the end of the process, all energy and motivation to go beyond the script is gone. The BG-interview manual probably asks not to listen to the answers, wait till the singsang drops a few tones and tick off the next question.

Ballmer is a bit more interesting to watch. Will he hit someone sometime? Is he the imploding or exploding type of guy? Is he on valium?

And the rant goes on ;-)

Moritz Schroeder, 2006-03-05

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