What was the question?

by Cem Basman

Syndicate user-contributed folksonomies? Engage A-list communities? Disintermediate dynamic synergies? Secoono Meebjax Squionomodoo - the web-based search engine via microformats:

Hack it! 2.0 is the new New.Cry out, blogosphere! This is newer media. It's all changing. Clear that. Single. Word. Sentences! We're about what Web 2.0 is about. Splog is an aggregate noun. Roll your own roll-your-own. The new is old. Podcasts. It's all about community. Always be launching. The buzz is loud and clear. The words aren't what they were. We are on the brink of a new age. Faster. Faster! We shall transcend borders. Clustering. Social is the new push. Float this. This will change everything. You need someone who gets it. An AJAX-driven GUI. MSM just doesn't get it. "ASL" is geezer speak. News clouds. Folksonomy. Tag me. Label what defies categorization. On-demand streams.

Triponomobo, Infoole, Tagyu, ... Have a look on the Bullshit Buzzphrase Generator Web 2.0 Edition before it's sold to Yahoo!

Addendum: BTW, great reading on a sunday. Also available in German.


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