Sonos - inside the ZonePlayer

by Volker Weber

After asking permission from Sonos, I cracked open the defective ZonePlayer. We were suspecting an unseated Wifi card. As it turned out the card was well connected. Since the diagnostics say that the HAL for the Samsung card is not loading, I am now suspecting a faulty card. If I can borrow a replacement from Samsung, I will test this theory.

It's fairly easy to get into the player. However you have to break seals to do that, so you are voiding your warranty. This is the procedure I followed:

  1. Remove the top cover.
  2. Turn the player upside down.
  3. Remove the blue feet.
  4. Break the seal and remove the four screws from under the feet.
  5. Take the bottom off. Be careful not to harm the two Wifi antennas that are sticking out of the chassis.
  6. Remove the four screws in the corner of the bottom plate.
  7. Turn the player over and place it carefully on the white bottom. Again watch out for the antennas.
  8. Remove the seal on the top of the player and the three screws underneath it.
  9. You can now take off the aluminum enclosure.

The ZonePlayer now sits on the white bottom and can be inspected. Here is the player and the three pieces which build its shell, as well as the feet and the 11 screws I removed.

Inside the Sonos ZonePlayer ZP100

As I said, don't try this at home, kids.

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