by Volker Weber

Since Karsten has mentioned it.

[Thanks, Alper]



Cem Basman, 2006-05-08

A great way to show people, what Trusted Computing really is. Some of my friends didn't knew the facts about TCPA and where pretty shocked.

The biggest question ist: What can we really do against it?

Alper Iseri, 2006-05-08

My favorite link to stir up some thoughts when it comes to this topic.

Philipp Sury, 2006-05-08

Wow! Now this is an incredibly well produced short film with a "noble" message.

I'm really impressed...

Florian Sander, 2006-05-08

Super Filmchen!

nur schade daß die Stimme einen etwas 'ausgeprägten' Akzent hat... ;)

Samuel Orsenne, 2006-05-08

apropos trust... link

tobias zachl, 2006-05-08

Genial gut gemacht und sehr guter Schlusssprint. Super-Fund!

Markus Merz, 2006-05-09

Super gemacht, link ist archiviert

Andrea Altefrone, 2006-05-09

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