Call for participation

by Volker Weber

"Clickstream Project" user study

Dear Sir/Madam,

At Fraunhofer IPSI we are conducting an online user study on the topic of "Surfing behavior in the Internet". You can participate by surfing the net for us and maybe you will even learn a thing or two about the world of movies. All in all, this will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Should you be interested, click on the link below to start:

Questions will be answered by David Koch

Thank you for your time,

David Koch


Danke fürs Posten!

Markus Weimer, Fraunhofer IPSI (Betreuer von David)

Markus Weimer, 2006-05-10

Only 3 'games'? I liked them though ;D

Jef Reynders, 2006-05-11

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