Mixed Tape 12 is out

by Volker Weber



Do you know if it's possible to get some of the older tapes? Unfortunately I lost all that stuff when my HD crashed recently. . . .

Greg Walrath, 2006-05-12

There is an iTunes Shop where you can buy the older tapes.

Does anybody else have the same problems downloading the current album? Doesn't work on PC/Firefox 1.5 but in PC/IE 6.0.

Alexander Hauser, 2006-05-12

With seamonkey (aka. Mozilla Suite), no problems...

Florian Steinel, 2006-05-12

with Firefox no problem here

Alexander Kluge, 2006-05-12

FireFox on Windows XP with SP2 and no problems downloading

Abdelkader Boui, 2006-05-12

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