by Volker Weber

This week was the first time that I used the Nokia N70 as a UMTS modem. While it is pretty simple to setup the phone to sync dates and contacts with a Mac, using it as a modem is pretty tricky. You will have to find the correct modem script and set a bunch of parameters.

Launch2Net to the rescue. This product from Novamedia will recognize your phone or data card, figure out all the parameters it needs to connect to your provider. And then you only have to click on Connect or Disconnect. As simple as that.

I think the interface is kind of weird. Case in point: Check out the green marble in the lower right hand corner. However, I have used it twice this week on the train to and from Leipzig and it has worked as advertised. Recommended.


guck mal hier, damit geht das auch sehr schön:

Nico Lumma, 2006-05-13

Danke, Nico. Aber das verhält sich zu Launch2Net wie dies zu Deinem neuen Audi.

Volker Weber, 2006-05-13

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