Explore: IT Outsourcing

by Cem Basman

Gartner says:

The IT service market will grow to $760 billion by 2009, with more IT services purchased as part of an outsourcing arrangement than on a one-off project basis.

The business side of the industry rules what's happening in the end. Not the gadgets and technological gimmicks. And there is no business 2.0, btw.

Recently I have startet a little blog. Well, currently it's rather a scrapbook of press clippings and other material than a blog. But it's evolving I hope. Explore: IT Outsourcing is a place where I collect news and information in German and English about the industry, best practices in business and delivery services in IT outsourcing.

This is a personal site even if its topic is my professional life. I'm blogging this information for my permanent education and to keep myself up-to-date with the market and with the emerging knowledge and experiences in the domain. I've just used Wordpress.com as platform for the blog because it was there, it was hosted, it was easy to start, and I liked the templates. Simple as that. This may change over time ...

So, if you are also interested in IT outsourcing, feel free to join the conversation and make the world richer.


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