by Volker Weber


While is was travelling heavily in the last four weeks, Plazes has always been a good companion. My friends knew where I was, and I could discover whether any of the colleagues had already signed in. If you have not looked in a while, please revisit. Martin's launcher for Plazes has always been excellent, but there is also a good Plazer for Windows.

If you want to join Plazes — it's free — send me an email and I will reply with an invite. This might earn me some worthless KarmaPoints. ;-)

Update: This is all about the network effect. If you can't convince your friends to use it, or if you don't have any, then a service like this does not make any sense. But if you can get them online, it can be of great benefit. I have one friend who constantly moves between three European cities and it is nice to know when he happens to be here.


Mental note: Change my plazes image ;-)

Paul Mooney, 2006-05-21

Who needs Kharma points, LOL. I do too!!

I gave up on a good Plazes image long ago. No one looks good sharank down

Chris Miller, 2006-05-22

Hey... thats my size... I am a "wee fellah"

Paul Mooney, 2006-05-22

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