by Volker Weber

Photo Simon Phipps

This picture looks like a scene for a Bob Ross painting ("happy little trees"). But Yosemite really is that beautiful. Thanks for the memories, Simon.


Yosemite is the most stunningly beautiful place I have ever been. Even pictures like this or the famous ones by Ansel Adamns don't do it justice.


Andrew Pollack, 2006-05-23

Wow!! That's an awesome shot. Note to self: next time around, make sure to plan a trip to the park!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-05-23

I miss Bob Ross.

Heiko Hebig, 2006-05-23

Yosemite is the greatest place in the world. Period.

Martin Switaiski, 2006-05-23

Going there en route from Vegas to San Jose in 2 weeks....back via Death Valley....I'll post some pictures....

Brian Benz, 2006-05-23

The falls are particularly dramatic this sping due to allot of snow and 7 weeks constant rain March/April. Anyone making the Yosemite pilgrimage should check out Mono lake and Bodie as well. Bodie is a mining ghost town, maintained in an arrested state of decay by the state of California.

Mark Holtrop, 2006-05-23

sigh ... I remember the bloody fu**ing coldest night I ever spent in my life in one of those tent "houses" ... somewhere in October in 1992 and some of the most stunning hikes I ever did in my life. The air was just as clear as on that photo. I will be back ...

Axel Koerv, 2006-05-23

Some photos to support Mark's point: Mono Lake, Bodie, and take care when you're there!

Simon Phipps, 2006-05-26

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