Puppy vs. Sonos controller - Puppy wins

by Volker Weber

Just found this photo on Flickr, along with a letter from Sonos:


We saw the puppy vs Sonos photo – very sad ;)

Sonos will replace this controller for our standard repair charge of $100. Just call support @ 800-680-2345 if you’d like to get the process moving.

Best, Chris.


Chris Fowler
Sonos, Inc.
Director, Customer Support and Operations

Sounds like a very reasonable offer.


Brings back memories of the expensive "puppy vs. nintendo game", or the more annoying, "full grown dog vs. the hall carpet".

Jess Stratton, 2006-05-25

Ah yes, we had several instances of "puppy vs. universal remote", "puppy vs. hall rug", and daily occurences of "puppy vs. mail delivery"...

Kevan Emmott, 2006-05-26

I took the precaution of recording my puppy damage for posterity.

I don't know if you've ever tried chewing a seatbelt, but most regular human teeth don't even make a dent, still less bit clean through...

Chris Linfoot, 2006-05-26

Not to forget:
Pitbull vs. Boing757

Martin Schroers, 2006-05-29

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