N70 drops off the network in dual mode

by Volker Weber

nokia n70

After six weeks, everything is nice and dandy with the Nokia N70. Everything but one very annoying deal breaker: If the phone is in "dual mode", which means it connects to GSM/GPRS or UMTS (3G) networks, then it so happens that the phone becomes unavailable. There is no indication of this failure. The display shows you are on the network, but nobody can reach you and you cannot place calls. The calling party gets the standard "The person you called is temporarily not available" message while you don't hear a thing after placing a call.

This has happened twice so far, and I have found other people mentioning this problem on the E-Plus and O2 networks, but so far not on T-Mobile and Vodafone. Which suggests, that this is more of a UMTS than a phone problem.

You can place the phone in GSM only mode and it works without a problem. Changing the mode from GSM only to dual mode or back reboots the phone. This is what I am doing now. Software revision is 5.0609.2.0.1.

Any insights?


Hi Volker

I have the N70 on Vodafone in Australia. The one I have now is fine, but the original handset I had was doing very similar things.

It would also 'appear' to have full signal strength, and I would call it from a land line and it would not answer. Also when trying to call a contact just returned 'Connection Error' - again even with ful strength signal.

Vodafone replaced it and new one works great

Jason Reid

jason reid, 2006-05-26

Hab hier mit einem Nokia 6630 genau das selbe Problem...

Daniel Hartmann, 2006-05-26

I have the same problem with my SonyEricsson K600i with E-Plus

Thomas Radigewski, 2006-05-26

Very interesting. I had the same issue as Jason with a brand new Nokia E61 on the German o2 network. In the middle of a normal phone call it would break the connection with a 'Connection Error'. Happened to me three times in a row in Munich downtown. I guess it is a combination of a software and a network issue. Has not happened so far on the Globe network in Manila.

Dennis Hammer, 2006-05-26

Smart network in manila experiences same problem on an N70 unit. i have to change the mode to GPRS from DUAL for the phone to be activated.

Tom David, 2006-06-07

hi i bought a new nokia n70 mobile in april 14, last a week before it doesn't found network, the error message displays " no network operator found" even i change many sim in mobile it won't found the network, sent some soultions

partheeban sigamani , 2006-06-13

I have N70 with a vodafone network in the uk. I do have the same problem with the network droping off, i tried switching from dual mode to gsm, but now there is not network coverage at all. even after restarting hte phone. I ALos tried accessing the network manually but it did not work.

Mohammed Alkaff, 2006-07-08

Hi, im on Vodafone and i have the same dual mode problem which only started after about 5 weeks of use

Arjun Ardeshana, 2006-07-17

Have the same problems in Holland (Nokia N70, T-Mobile).

I noticed that when the phone is in the dual mode the battery will be empty in 1-2 days. In the GSM mode, 4-5 days with normal use.

Tom Ligthart, 2006-07-26


I am Sports Journalist with India's leading news channel.
I bought a Nokia mobile N-70 from SOL electronics trading LLC branch, Hamdan, Abu Dhabi, UAE on 19th April 2006. This company is an authorized dealer of Nokia cell phones.

My mobile was working perfectly in India, till 13th July 2006. Suddenly my phone connection dropped. It is not catching the signal and shows connection error. .

I gave my phone to Nokia Care Center In Delhi, but they could not rectify the problen...Pl advice

SANJAY KISHORE, 2006-08-18

Hi Sanjay,
I'm currently facing the same problem which you faced earlier. Can you please tell me what you did to get it rectified...

Avinash Nagarajan, 2006-12-02

I have recently experienced the same problem with my E61 (Manila, Globe network). Does anyone have a solution?

Leigh Go, 2007-02-08

Dear Nokia,
I have a problem with my nokia n70 the signal is always fluatrating at times it will have a signal on it but if they call me itwill said is unavailable please help me out of it this is my phone number 08033879705

Akeem Adefila, 2007-02-19

My brand new Nokia E61i is doing a very similar thing (the day after I bought it) ... but it does this in BOTH DUAL AND GSM mode. This is with the operator "Wind" in Italy. With my "TIM" SIM card, it doesn't even register on the network! Even stranger, it only happens some of the time, making it one of those problems that a support center is likely to just throw back in my face. The store I bought it from tells me that they'll exchange it without any problem - we'll see what happens when I get to the store on Saturday.

Brad Hathaway, 2007-05-02

Hi Friends I have Nokia N70. Whenever I use this phone either in dual mode or in GSM it shows no network whereas if I use the same SIM in other mobiles it shows network and if i keep other SIMs in this mobile it wont works... How shud I rectify this bloody problem I cant stay without phone.... Plz help me or mail me the resolution on imran.edenwest@gmail.com. have a nice weekend...

Mohammed Imran Khan, 2007-07-30

Hello, i have N70. why i can make the 3g signal on? the left side in top corner.

asas teams, 2007-11-04


I have an N70 as well using a vodafone New Zealand network. It can get full 3g signal but cannot make and recieve phone calls. Call my provider and they cannot help me with the problem as the phone was purchased from Singapore and imported to New Zealand. Any solution in getting my "connection error" message to dissapear and be able to make and recieve phone calls will be very much appreciated. Very frustrating, flash as phone and I cant use it. :(

Rangitihi Skipwith, 2007-11-10

I got an N70 phone here, got problems with the network, same as u guys...can this be repaired? this really sucks bigtime...can nokia replace their damaged phones?

francis tan, 2007-11-25

I have T616 and it has same error. sometimes it connects to network but most of time no network. and i cant even select network by myself as it doesnot search any network the search finishes in a sec and so cant set network manually or automatically. dont know what to do with it.

Ammar Malhotra, 2007-12-04

I have the same problems you've mentioned and I'm using the phone with Globe network in Manila, Philippines. For me even putting it in GSM mode didn't help at all. The network just goes on and off whenever it feels like.

Shane Rasheed, 2007-12-07

i hve n 70 mob.in my mob only network problem..i gav for swap replacement...but also i am geting the sam prob...plzzz help me...do u hav any solutions,,?.not only my n70..even my friend mob he got the sam prob......i wan 2 kno why tis is hapening...due to manufactre defect or ...........sorry fr my english.

aravind rajagopal, 2007-12-28

I'm having the same problem with N70 - Vodafone,Romania, so - same problem, anyone found any solution other than turning 3g off ?

a bios update or somthing ?


baciu gabriel, 2008-02-24

Hello. I have had this problem in Sweden (Telia) and I have found out that if you use a smaller SIM card than 64k and only use 2G this problem disappears completely. I have tried it on Nokia N70, E70, E61 SonyEricsson K600i and HTC Mteor and it works great. I have heard a romour that Vodaphone soon will publish a 32k SIM card that can operate in 3G mode.
The symptoms were that calls were dropped. No network i display. Insert SIM etc.

Daniel Svensson, 2008-02-26

have the N70 on Sri lanka.
when trying to call a contact just returned 'Connection Error' - again even with ful strength signal. i used dual mode and gsm seperatly,and i had replace the power amp, signal antena, snd signal switch but it didn't works at all?

plese help me.
what should i do.

Chatura Eranga Dissanayke, 2008-05-16

Hi I have a N70 handset , was purchased 1 year day by day i have been facing lots of issues in network connectivity , where has i have been guided to enquire in Nokia authorised outlet for service ,but my bad luck they couldnt rectify it , the current situvation of my mob is active without my home network ............ but as per the technical team i was been told the IC is not available in market ,

So it would glad if someone can asssit me in this issue ..



Ranjith Kumar, 2008-05-18

I also have same problem with my nokia N70, which is not catching network when i insert a 3G sim card. It says no network available when i search for network. If any one has found solution please reply to sudeepsama@gmail.com

Sudeep Reddy Sama, 2008-10-10

Hi Friends I have Nokia N70. Whenever I use this phone either in dual mode or in GSM it shows no network whereas if I use the same SIM in other mobiles it shows network and if i keep other SIMs in this mobile it wont works... How shud I rectify this bloody problem I cant stay without phone.... Plz help me or mail me the resolution on suchita.naik77@yahoo.com have a nice day

suchita naik, 2009-09-20


though this entry is rather old, I've got the same problem with my E51 in Polish Era 3G network. It is not reproduceable at all, seems to be a random error.

Mathias Ziolo, 2009-09-20

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