FIFA Worldcup timetable as iCal subscription

by Volker Weber

The nice thing about Apple's iCal is that you can subscribe to calendars that others will keep updated for you, such as the FIFA Worldcup timetable, complete with links to the venues.


cool idea.

Cem Basman, 2006-05-28

You can also subscribe to the ical calendar with Google Calendar which is very nice!

Ralph Unden, 2006-05-28

Nice, but have a look at this one:

Heiko Jabusch, 2006-05-29

This one is pretty cool as well...

As well as iCal it supports various other formats as well

Darrell Taylor, 2006-06-09

Hello friends lets enjoys the world Cup ,be cooled and relax.

Hijam Romesh Singh, 2006-06-13

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