Viral? No, not really.

by Volker Weber

Date: 1. Juni 2006 05:01:04 MESZ
Subject: Viral Marketing?

I have to share this with you, as it makes me laugh.

We have a couple of Apple stores here in Ohio, and we always make it a point to stop in whenever we are in the area. This past weekend, we were in Columbus, OH, and made it to the store in the Easton Town Center. A few weeks prior to that, we were in the one in Legacy Village. As the rest of the family looks at the iPods/iMacs/MacBooks, I run around the store changing the web browsers to Every one of them (except for the MacBooks - those are hard to get to, as everyone is crowded around them).

I am still laughing at this "viral marketing." I hope that you get some traffic from those Apple stores. :-)

I would not call this viral. But it definitely is insidious. ;-)


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