It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber



Honey, I'm home!

Chris Linfoot, 2006-06-02

(on noting that the sign appears to be advertising a vaccum cleaner)..
"Wow - what a sucker...!"

In fact. Suckers, Balloons & stranded folks. Hell. Its a Microsoft Shareholder meeting!

All we need is Balmer throwing a chair out of the basket, and claiming that "the balloon is rising, and why are the stupid analysts not seeing what he's seeing ?"

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2006-06-02

[Not a caption - just friendly advice ;-) ]

Bill's psychosis is getting worse - he's now seeing Microsoft everywhere.

Time to up the meds again, Bill.

Chris Linfoot, 2006-06-02

So the Mega Maid does exist!

Sebastian Keil, 2006-06-02

Miele, Miele, sagte die Alte,
die alle Luftballons lehrsaugte.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2006-06-02

Photoshop sucks!

Kristof Doffing, 2006-06-02

Your right. I've upped my meds..

(Col Isla - larger measures. Mmmm)

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2006-06-02

Me too please, Bill. Make mine a large one.

Chris Linfoot, 2006-06-02

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