Lotus Hannover demo

by Volker Weber

IBM has posted a Lotus Hannover demo on their demo site.

[via urs]


Great, my home pc runs Linux and for that I can't use Flash 8. At work, the administrator won't install flash 8 (don't ask me why). Well, I'm going to install xp on vmware. But I still hate adobe for still not releasing flash 8.5 for linux.

Markus Thielmann, 2006-06-02

Looks great!

Does anybody know, if the thumbnail feature, as showed with the contact form, will be accessable via formula/script/...

Can some1 explain the functionality behind the ATOM symbol at the right bottom please?


marc egart, 2006-06-02

The calendar dialog that comes up and needs to be resized to fullscreen sucks. To much clicking, inefficient interaction.
The inconsistency of scroll bars also strikes a rather bad note.

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-06-02

Nevertheless, Hannover still looks very promising.
(Somehow this line didn't make it into the last post. Sorry)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-06-02

That what I could see in this video was kinda boring. IMHO less features in comparison to R5 vs. ND6. At least what the video shows. I could not see any 'unique selling point' in comparison to competitors. Also, no real innovations.

Since vowe provides no pingback/trackback (btw why not ?), here is the manual link to my blog post that links to this post as well (in German).

Michael Woehrer, 2006-06-02

"The new UI sucks, because it doesn't look like Office2007..." yeah, I know, but get ready for those type of comments in a few years. It could happen.
I think the new UI will be a great improvment, but I don't see anything innovative just yet. The Eclipse model is exciting, and I hope it pays huge dividends in the future.

Calvin Powell, 2006-06-03

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