vowe goes to Ireland

by Volker Weber


OK, Paul, I give up. You can't pose as a sponsor, and then don't attend. :-)

So, who else is coming?

How about you? The event is free. You only need to pay your way to get there.


Ah. Please DONT come because I'm presenting. The other presenters are stunning - its a mini lotusphere, believe me...

Volker, I'm really glad your coming - its always an event when you appear!

---* Billl

Bill Buchan, 2006-06-05

It looks like the Irish need some foreign aid, doen't it? I hope they are not outnumbered.

Volker Weber, 2006-06-06

This is turning into a small "international" event, aside from an Irish one.
The more the merrier. It should be a fantastic day! Now all I have to do is arrange it (help!)

Paul Mooney, 2006-06-06

Oooooh, the pressure!

So the flights worked out OK for you in the end then vowe? Cool!

Ben Poole, 2006-06-06

Mr Poole...
There is obviously some really REALLY important reason you cannot attend yes? Get your butt over here! Some of the Irish wing of your employeers will be there!

Paul Mooney, 2006-06-06

See you there.

Kitty Elsmore, 2006-06-06

Lets not think about it that I had too many conflicts at that exact time to get over. I have even tried moving some things around to no avail.

Chris Miller, 2006-06-06

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