Jetzt geht's lo-hos

by Volker Weber

[Danke, Alper]


Love it. I can speak about 5 words of German, but can still understand what's going on.

Carl Tyler, 2006-06-09

Awesome - even a streaker... though I've never seen a shot BREAK the crossbar before.

Viel Spaß!

Kevan Emmott, 2006-06-09

It's wonderful to observe how they paid attention to the smallest details. =)

Philipp Sury, 2006-06-09

They've even included a tip-of-the-hat-style reference to the original from 2003, seems to be the same team even...

Frank Dröge, 2006-06-09

Nein ist das geil.
Besonders diese kleinen Spitzen gegen MV , Völler / Hartmann, Beckenbauer, Netzer und habe ich noch jemanden übersehen ? :-)

Das Ergebnis geht, denke ich, auch völlig in Ordnung.

Heiko Jabusch, 2006-06-09

Congrats for the opening game. However, don't believe it will be that easy against the Swiss in the final game. ;-)

Philipp Sury, 2006-06-10

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