Navman iCN 720: Installing additional maps

by Volker Weber

So far my experience with the iCN720 has been stellar. I prefer it over any other navigation system I have used so far. And yes, that includes TomTom.

Now I have set to install more maps than the pre-installed maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The unit comes with desktop software for Windows and a set of 3 CDs with maps of Europe. Good news: This set includes Ireland which does not seem to be available for TomTom.

Installation main menu

First you get to select a language (german in this case) then you install the desktop software. The iCN720 runs on a Mobile Windows kernel, so it uses ActiveSync to connect to the desktop. Installation went like a breeze, but registering the device ended up on a blank web page.

Not really there yet

You will find that the Navman page is a bit over-designed and under-organized. The marketing material for the 700 series is pretty good, but the shop and support areas are not. Anyway, this is the desktop software called SmartST:

Navman SmartST desktop

The yellow maps are pre-installed on the device, whereas the light blue ones need to be installed from CD. (full size screenshot) This is where the big disappointment starts. Light blue maps are on your CDs, but you have to register them in order to be able to install them. Then they will show up in green. Not a problem you think. The manual says on page 84:

Enter the Map Product Key from the back of the enclosed CD box when prompted. Your computer will connect to the Internet and activate your Map Product Key. When activation has completed, the map will change colour to light green; continue to step 6.

The trouble is, there is no CD box. They come in white sleeves. My current understanding is that this works as designed. You have to buy the additional maps that are advertised to be in the box.

At first I thought the only difference between the iCN720 and the iCN750 is that the latter has all maps pre-installed on its hard disk, whereas you install maps on the iCN720 as you need them. Big mistake! If you take into account that the street price for the 750 is only 80 Euro more than the 720, the iCN720 looks like a very bad deal.

Here is a challenge: Buy the map of Ireland online.

Update: Navman was unable to send a map key on time, so the iCN720 is not travelling to Ireland.


You can get it here. And you even get a nice plastic case for free ;-)

Ole Saalmann, 2006-06-13

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