Sametime 7.5 Beta 2 client available for download

by Volker Weber

Bruce mentioned that Chris blogged about a Sametime 7.5 demo site. You have to register and then you can download the current beta 2 client for Sametime 7.5.

I have not really done anything other than adding four buddies and one chat, but Sametime is holding 71.82 MB physical memory and 535.22 MB virtual memory while running 28 threads. Skype is at 20.79 MB physical, 221.74 virtual with 14 threads.

Sametime 7.5 add buddy

The "Add New Contact" dialog definitely needs a lot of work, but the buddy list looks almost ok. Only the font in the "Contacts" header isn't looking too good. Also note that the last character in Adam's name is cropped.

Sametime 7.5 buddy list

Compare with this Skype buddy list to get an idea of how a well rendered client should look like:

Skype buddy list

Mike Rhodin told me that Lotus now operates in "design first" mode. So maybe it's the implementation that is lacking. :-)

Sametime 7.5 preferences


That's probably why Lotus is so incredibly successful in this market. I can't see this going anywhere... can you?

Frank Koehntopp, 2006-06-20

Well, that was pulled pretty darn quick - as of 20:00 UK time the link is dead! Which is a shame as I was looking forward to that...

Nick Daisley, 2006-06-20

The link still works for me.

Bruce Elgort, 2006-06-20

It's like an indicator. On off on off. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-06-20

One neat feature is being logged into several different Sametime Communities at the same time. You can toggle your availability for each community. The status bar icon however does get a bit confused as to which status icon it should show. Then again we are playing with beta code.

Bruce Elgort, 2006-06-20

It's like an indicator. On off on off. :-)The link didn’t work for me earlier, but I am now downloading the client. I’m starting to wonder just what the hell is going on with IBM / Lotus and their web sites of late though. For example, has anyone managed to grow anything in the “greenhouse” yet? :-D

Ben Poole, 2006-06-20

I've seen many of these beta bugs (and others) too and trust me they are being reported in the private beta channels quickly, and addressed by developers and QA people really fast.

Rob Novak, 2006-06-20

The server's being updated tonight (ET) - thank you for your patience if you are trying to get through and are having trouble. And as Ed posted, please keep in mind that this beta code is not yet feature-complete, and things will change before release. (Also, if anyone hasn't seen it, there is a list of known limitations in the release notes, and our beta testers have uncovered more that are already being worked.)

Adam Gartenberg, 2006-06-20

Looks like we may have stirred up quite the fuss!! By the way, thanks for the tons of hits... =)

I attempted to create an emoticon palette based off the Google emoticons and the client would lock up everytime I received a message - lol.


Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-21

Now you are making it available for download, so others can lock up as well? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2006-06-21

I've downlaoded the beta this morning und it works. But no other was online ;-)

Michael Klüsener, 2006-06-21

I try! Perhaps someone can see a problem with my palette file and let me know if the bug is on my end. Though since it's just some gif files and keyboard shortcuts I'm hoping I couldnt' botch that up! We all know that some end user would probably do the same thing... ;)

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-21

Got it fixed!


Update 2: Final update - It's working!. It appears that there was a problem with a particular keyboard shortcut. I was using ":-|" for the keyboard shortcut to the "straightface" emoticon. Here is the line from the palette.xml file:

![CDATA[ :-| ]]

I've changed it to ":-!" now and things appear to be fine. The problem was that the chat window would render every space as the "straightface" emoticon. I'm guessing it had to do with the pipe character in the CDATA section being seen as an "or" and since a space follows it, then it was displaying the straightface for the space. Search for "vertical" here. With that behind us, enjoy the emoticons. I have taken out the pipe character from the two keyboard shortcuts that were using it and replaced them with exclamation points. I have also replaced the zip file at my website with the correct one.

Oh, and remember 2 things - this is a beta and end users may enter the pipe characters.

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-21

... and end users may enter the pipe characters.In reality, in the corporate world, would you want your staff fiddling around creating new emoticon sets? I would leave ludicrous time wasting important productivity enhancements like this to the IT department.


Ben Poole, 2006-06-21

Ben, true! :) still if admins cannot lock down palette sets then users could really muck this up...

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-22

One of the biggest concerns I have heard from enterprises about the palette features, is that people can easily share pornographic images etc.

Carl Tyler, 2006-06-22

Carl, in which way can they more easily share pornographic images then without the palette? And if this is indeed the biggest concern, then the palette must be quite OK.

Volker Weber, 2006-06-22

Volker, I guess sending via the palatte would be a lot easier and not as well traced as via email. But this all depends on the logging mechanisms in place by the company. It's a valid concern, but so is copying and pasting an image in the chat window.

Also, regarding memory utilization, I've had ST running all day and the sametime.exe task is currently taking up only 1,760 K. My googletalk.exe is at 18,844 K. Not bad if I must say so myself.

NLNOTES.exe - 118,828 K
Firefox - 95,324 K

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-22

I always wonder whether the "enterprise" employs children that need to be looked after.

As for memory usage, look for a really big Java Virtual Machine.

Volker Weber, 2006-06-22

Gotcha - I saw that but at first thought it was our TrendMicro desktop client because they create random exe names. That one's running 33,780K / 58,272K Virtual. That's still not too bad, but it could be a lot better.

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-22

Still can’t log in to the demo server—indeed, the web site is offline now too. Hey ho.

Ben Poole, 2006-06-22

Ben, not doing so hot, eh? They have been taking it on and offline all day. It's still "officially" at pre-beta, right? =)

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-23

By the way, check out post #22 at Ed's blog. It appears that they are taking down the link to provide a client with many of the known bugs. They will provide another link to an updated build. Great to hear!

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-23

Sorry, forgot an important word (last post tonight, I promise!)

...with many of the known bugs FIXED...

Chris Whisonant, 2006-06-23


Arief Hidayat, 2006-06-23

the files have been removed from the server can anyone help

John Tapia, 2006-06-26

I cant find the MAC beta version just linux and windows can someone help?

eric foust, 2006-11-13

No, we can't. IBM has not released it.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-13

Hello. We are using this sametime right now, and I am just wondering - is there any site wherein we can download ADDITIONAL smileys/emoticons that we can use? Many Thanks!

Joseph Dichoso, 2008-06-28

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