Update your N70 Opera browser to version 8.6

by Volker Weber

Johnny Max wrote a short review about his new Nokia N70 and mentioned that you can update the preloaded Opera 8.01 with a current 8.6 release. What a change. The new one even supports RSS feeds:

n70opera861.png n70opera862.png

You can download the new browser directly from your phone and install it right there. Highly recommended.


max schrieb den test. steht auch drunter.

felix schwenzel, 2006-06-28

How does it support RSS?

Is it just able to open the file, or is there a subscription center?

Christian Heindel, 2006-06-28

You open a URL, it reads the feed, then you can navigate it.

Volker Weber, 2006-06-29

I wish they would also provide an update for the UIQ versions sometime soon. For the new UIQ there seems to be a version of 8.0 at least (that's what SE announces on their product pages for the upcoming P910i and W950i phones). But for the users with available UIQ phones there's only Opera 6.31. What a pity!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-06-29

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