iSync 2.3 and Nokia 9300

by Volker Weber

With 10.4.7 Apple has updated iSync to version 2.3. Good news: They now support the Nokia 9300i. Bad news: They do not support the Nokia 9300. Small difference, one might think. Well, it isn't. Instead of using their own iSync agent on the phone, Apple is now syncing via SyncML. Novamedia has plugins which should work with the Nokia 9300. But they don't. I diligently followed their instructions, three times, to no avail:

If anybody else finds the secret handshake, let me know. Meanwhile I am a happy camper with the N70.

Update: Novamedia says that the old S60 agent leaves dangling pointers everywhere, so you need to format the memory. Although I did remove the agent before making a backup, I think there are still residues in the backup messing up the OS. I have now flattened the 9300 storage without a restore. This times it works.

iSync works after flattening the 9300 memory

And yes, I took the liberty to replace the ugly Novamedia icon with a 9300i.


Fortunately, I had no problems with the 9300 and the Novamedia plugin - I did not have to do any secret handshakes - following the instructions was all I needed :-)

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2006-06-29

Do you have any All-Day events in iCal? I have lots of them (hebrew calendar). They used to be synced as Memos to the 9300/9500. Now - with SyncML - the are converted to 23:59h long meetings. Not exactly what I want. Combine this with another phone and get everything duplicated. I've got it all messed up.

I had to go back to the Agent based sync. This iSync hassle after every OS update is a real burden. It's so un-MAC-ish to let the user go through hell with this synchronisation issue over and over again. - Am I biased?

Benjamin Stein, 2006-06-29

I too am having trouble with Novamedia's plugins for the 9300. I get the following error message:

iSync can't open because of a problem with a plug-in.

The following plug-in doesn't work with this version of iSync. Click the arrow to show the plug-in, move or delete it, and then open iSync again.

Milind Madhukar Lele, 2006-10-02

I have a Nokia 9300i (also had a 9300, but that was too buggy).

The iSync did work for my 9300i, but now that I have upgraded to 10.48, and iSync 2.3, I found it is no longer working !!

Any ideas, pls help.

Thank you.


John Wong, 2006-10-17

Milind Madhukar Lele: I had the same problem. All I did was format the phone, delete everything (Bluetooth device, iSync old phone, etc.)

Then I started AGAIN carefully following the steps. And it worked. Just make sure that you follow the steps Exactly as they appear. It's not hard, but you have to format, etc. Also make sure your phone has Firmware 5.x or above.

Good Luck!

Martin Marconcini, 2006-12-01

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