by Volker Weber


To get this joke you have to know Mark and Cory. Apparently the Mac is uncool now that everyone has one. ;-)

[Rui Carmo]


Courtesy of Rui Carmo. :-)

David Richardson, 2006-07-05

Oh, and here I just had T-shirts made up for the kids using Ubuntu/Edubuntu at the Nyumbani Computer Learning Center in Kenya (it's true, I have).

However, in the ironic tone of the not-switching-to-Ubuntu T-shirt, it's true that a lot of people are flag waving their new loyalty. I'm not sure what Mark and Cory are really thinking--Ubuntu is quite incredible, but it's not equal to a fully load Mac (or Wintel) system. Of course, it's not at the same price either, is it?

I just don't see Al Gore plodding through Ubuntu for his next presentation. Not yet.

Jack Dausman, 2006-07-06

I have been running various Linux distributions on my main desktop for the last four years, Kubuntu being the latest. I loved it, everything worked. Except for podcasts. Except for updating my iPod. Except for memory sticks. Except for amaroK crashing too frequently. Except for syncing my cellphone.

Now my Powerbook (OS 10.3.9) has become my main "desktop" while my former desktop has the latest Ubuntu server edition and basically just serves as an external harddisk. (a pretty sophisticated one, though ;-) )

Philipp Sury, 2006-07-06

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