Quickplace on Mac

by Volker Weber

Are you using Quickplace on a Mac? Version 7 is supported on the Mac, but sadly enough, even very simple things do not work. If you enter a plain discussion item, the editor will eat your line ends. So the text ends up in a single paragraph. You also have no formatting at all. No matter which browser I tried, Quickplace failed in all of them.

Is there a secret handshake?

Quickplace on Mac

Quickplace on Mac

Here is the code that decides which kind of editor you get:

if (h_Type == "h_Field") {
if (h_ClientBrowser.hasActiveX())
editorObj = new _IERichTextControlField();
else if (h_ClientBrowser.isGecko())
editorObj = new _GeckoRichTextControlField();
else if (h_ClientBrowser.isSafari())
editorObj = new _SimpleTextControlField();
else if (h_ClientBrowser.hasJavaApplets())
editorObj = new _NSRichTextControlField();
editorObj = new _SimpleTextControlField();
editorObj.init ("", 'Type your text below:', "", "", "","","","");
editorObj.getEditModeHTML (self, 0);

If I work with Safari, I get forced into a simple text field. Interesting as Safari is clearly supported in this release. Of course Safari has Java applets so I could just as well use a Java editor control. If I tell Safari to lie about its identity and pretend to be Konqueror 3 (it is based on the Konqueror source) I can actually work with this form:

Pretending to be Konqueror 3

However, since Konqueror is unsupported, Quickplace may break in other interesting ways. The fix for this form is pretty obvious, isn't it?


It is much more hungry and eats your pictures you place (with a PC) inside the text as well...

Hubertus Amann, 2006-07-07

Good grief. I thought there were plenty of IBM-ers with Macs... can they not tell their colleagues in Lotus?

Hell, if they'd just buy me some decent coffee and a Macbook, I'll have a good crack at sorting QP out for them!


Ben Poole, 2006-07-07

I had evaluated QP7 on the Mac Tiger OS and found that some things work better/worse on Safari or Firefox. Mac support is certainly better than in previous versions, but is still not ready for prime time.

Ed Maloney, 2006-07-07

Ben, trust me, you would not sort out QP for 10 MacBooks.

This one is easy though. Edit a document and find "Safari" in the source. It is pretty obvious.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-07

Ben, trust me, you would not sort out QP for 10 MacBooks.

Yeah I would. You know the kind of project I normally do ;o)

Ben Poole, 2006-07-07

I bet you could heat your entire home with 10 MacBooks!

Bruce Elgort, 2006-07-07

Ben, I hope they pay you a few MacBook equivalents a month for that. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-07-07

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