IBM blogs are having a massage

by Volker Weber

And you@your.address is getting a proper training on Apache.


For bonus cookies, they might train their IT staff for monitoring their service availability. No, this does not only mean that port 80 must be listening. ;-)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-07-12

Karsten, these things live forever. Take the DoesNotWorkplace showcase. It still uses the same "secret access code" reported 29 months ago.

The IBM way to get this code:

Lotus sales team members refer to the IBM Workplace Collaboration Services Showcase announcement in the Lotus Sales Tools database or on the XL Web site for the access code. Lotus Business Partners refer to the IBM Workplace Collaboration Services Showcase announcement in the Partner Forum. GCPC members check the GCPC forum for the IBM Workplace Collaboration Services Showcase announcement. PSP customers contact your local Lotus Support Manager for the access code.

All others look at the page source:

{if(document.UserProfileForm.code.value=="firstlook"){document.UserProfileForm.currentAction.value = action;document.UserProfileForm.submit();return false;}else{alert("The access code is not correct.");return false;}}

And if you point to the base URL, you get the nice default page instead of a redirect to the showcase. you@your.address. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-07-12

Well, default content is way different to un-/misconfigured content handlers. But, OTOH, it's just IBM. They are working with telephone calls and faxes (to sell their eBusiness stuff). It doesn't hurt them much, I guess.

Imagine a Google search node spitting a 500 straight in your face. It's all depending on your expectations :)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-07-12

they have fixed it now:

SRVE0232E: Internal Server Error.
Exception Message: [null]


IBM WebSphere Application Server

isn't that a much better error message?

Alan Bell, 2006-07-12

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