Send large files via Pando

by Volker Weber


Pando will let you you send files up tp 1 GB. It is a mashup of BitTorrent and e-mail. The Pando client sends a control file via e-mail, encrypts the payload and starts uploading it. The recipient receives the control file, opens it with the Pando client and downloads the payload. Works on Mac and Windows.

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They were also one of the first plugins for the Yahoo IM plugin model.

Carl Tyler, 2006-07-13

Perfect timing Vowe. Me and my colleagues have been discussing ways to limit large emails, but provide a simple to use alternative.

Simon Barratt, 2006-07-13

Thanks for the recommendation.

There appears to be a few constraints but, in general, it just works and I'm using it right now.

Ben Rose, 2006-07-27

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