Screenshot day at vowe's magic flying circus

by Volker Weber

<tongue firmly in cheek>

I had a lot of screenhots in my mail today. The first ones were of Notes on Linux, but what they really showcased was Pavone's applications. I guess the message is "our applications run on Linux". Now you all know. The last ones were of Notes 1.1 and the author proposed to caption them as follows:

Vintage Notes - Maybe some of you will remember notes 1.1. For those who have never seen such an early version of notes look at this - [Screenshots send by <a href = "">Christian Habermueller</a>]

I cannot show you the screenshots though, since I usually place them on Flickr and I may only post them here:

Diese eMail gilt als Genehmigungsschreiben für die Publikation auf der Seite Weitere Verwendung und / oder Veränderung des Bildmaterials ist ausgeschlossen.

But maybe the purpose of those screenshots was to get you to visit tab 4 of his openBC page. Go ahead and do that please. And if you are not yet a member of openBC, you are cordially invited.

</tongue firmly in cheek>

Nicht böse sein, Christian. Das war so ein Fall von "jeder dritte wird erschossen, zwei waren gerade da". :-)


I don't get it.

How many germans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
One, and it aint funny.

Villi Helgason, 2006-07-15


Correct, you didn't get it. This post - as I understand it - is in the department of "Mails that this world does not need". Both of them have a subject, that could be interesting, but then present something different only loosely related to the original subject. The not declared goal of such mails is "hidden selfpromoting", which obviously does not work that simply, if the receiver of such mail is vowe

So there is definately no lightbuld to be screwed ....

Jens-B. Augustiny, 2006-07-16

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