New York Times: What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage

by Volker Weber

This is simply brilliant. If it works on wild animals, why shouldn't it work on your spouse? Or on your co-workers? :-)

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True, working with {kids|students|animals|...} makes you think explicitly about certain behavioral patterns which probably would do quite good to "regular" relationships such as spouses, co-workers, etc. as well.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-07-17

Could you apply this approach to the spam problem above (while ignoring the suggestion that "it's not the spammers fault")?

Frans Swarte, 2006-07-17

@Frans - That would be to presume that there is some spammer behaviour worthy of reward as well as the bad behaviour to be ignored. There isn't, so it won't work.

Chris Linfoot, 2006-07-17

It is well known that Humans also follow the reward & punishment system as every animal. The only difference is here, that punishment is ignoring the behaviour while the reward is a positive comment. Normally I tend to say something when I dislike it, i might give it a shot and just ignore it next time. :)

Nicolas Kübler, 2006-07-17

Thanks for digging out that story! I had to quote it on first place in my article Vermischtes, Internet: Tiertraining erzieht Ehepartner (u. A.)

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Markus Merz, 2006-07-18

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