Blackberry Connect for Nokia Devices

by Volker Weber

Enrico told me about this download area for Nokia smartphones. Thanks!


I'm having problems to activate my Nokia 9300 with a Blackberry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino since a couple of weeks. Blackberry Internet Service is working.

Vodafone Germany is really trying to assist me and their last advice was that I have to downgrade the firmware of my device from 5.22(7) to 5.22(1) and that I should install older versions of the Connect Client (5.25.3 instead of 5.249) and the Desktop software ( instead of I did everything they suggested and nothing happened. Whenever I try to activate my device I'm getting "The Blackberry Server is either unavailable or has been specified incorrectly". Believe me - it is available and specified correctly. The funny thing is that my colleagues have no problem to start the activation procedure, even if they don't have a Blackberry device or account. Yesterday we did a complete reinstall of the BES - nothing changed. I suppose now that the problem is the BB account as vowe has described in this post. So I asked Vodafone yesterday to delete my account which will take a couple of days.

Here is a link to a German download area for Nokia Smartphones which references the same firmware and product versions as Vodafone.

Otto Foerg, 2006-07-18

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