Alex moves his domain to GMail

by Volker Weber

I am looking forward to learn from his experience.


I just did the same yesterday. First thing I noticed was that the IP number of the hosted Gmail is on some spamfilters blacklists. Emails send are returned from at least spamfilter. Apparantly this seems not to be a unique issue:

Maybe Google's using of a seperate ip address for hosted Gmail could diminish the problem.

laurens logtenbergh, 2006-07-18

I think this could become a real problem for hosted Gmail.

Many of Gmail's outbound relays are now widely blacklisted not because Gmail spam is a huge problem but because some of the small number of spams that do make it out of Gmail have hit spamtraps used to feed some popular DNSBLs (examples: Spamcop and the SORBS spamtrap zone).

If Google would reveal the source IP of the submitting party in their Received headers then this blacklisting of Gmail relays would not happen. Google won't reveal source IPs though, citing entirely spurious privacy concerns.

Aside to Gmail users: Because email you send through Gmail's web interface does not reveal the submission IP in the headers, you can send Gmail with complete anonymity - I'm not sure this is a good thing.

Chris Linfoot, 2006-07-18

"3 of the Gmail servers continuously spew 419 spams, and Gmail have indicated their solution will take at least 3 months to deploy (they have not indicated what it is as they say that would enable us to defeat it) - until that time you are better white listing Gmail servers and putting up with the 419 spam if that is what you want - personally I don't hold much in the way to competence with regard to Gmail currently." (source: Sorbs management, half a year ago and still up to date)

Stefan Funke, 2006-07-18

Now the content of mails you send to * will be scanned by Googles algorithms. Alex accepted the terms of Google, but the people that write mails to him didn’t.

That is a problem of trust with all e-mail providers, but as far as I know Google is the only one which is scanning mail of content. That why I avoid sending mails to gMail addresses, but with domain instead of gMail at the end I can not easily control this any more. Also many people forward any mails to gMail accounts.

Don't be evil ... don't care about privacy

Daniel Jaeger, 2006-07-18

Well, Daniel, in the future in Europe every Internet Provider has to save the traffic data. And now guess, where the emails are. They are part of that data and the police can come and read your email. Like it? I don't!
But I don't have any problems with alghorithms scanning the emails without reading/understanding it and using the anonymous statistics generated by the content. I don't understand where there might be a lost privacy. It's like a scanner in the station or the airport scanning for example how tall the people are and generating a statistic needed by ethnic scientists. I hope Google can improve there service for me by scanning the emails of their customers and gaining anonymous knowledge.

I also went to Gmail with two weeks ago. I really like the possibility to offer my familiy such an excellent webmailer with that much space. As I wrote (sorry in German) the day before yesterday I just dont't like that I cannot "really" join my Gmail- and my hosted Gmailaccount

Martin Hiegl, 2006-07-18

Daniel, that's where GPG steps in. ;-)

Philipp Sury, 2006-07-18

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