Mercedes Mixed Tape 13 is out

by Volker Weber


16 free MP3 tracks from A Beggar's Opera, Cashew, Crazy for Jane, D'Nell, Eg Dirt feat. Nawel Belgrich, Guilermo, Ira, Jimek, Kelli Rae Powell, La-Boum, Mendelzone, Moon, Rough Edge Quartet, Solar Apple Quartet, The Fat Controllah, Vikter Duplaix.

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[Thanks, Claude]


Already downloaded the new mixed tape and like it very much. Different kinds of songs which are all very cool.

Besides of this mixed tape #13 I only have #11 and #12. Can somebody tell me where to get the earlier ones? Thank you very much in advance.

Alper Iseri, 2006-07-20

We should turn this into a FAQ. Mercedes licenses the music for a limited time. That is why they disappear. After a new one came out you can buy some of the old tracks from the iTMS. Or look around in the usual places.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-20

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