Jet Beetle

by Volker Weber


It only takes a VW New Beetle, a jet engine, and an engineer with wee willy syndrome to come up with this car. Is anybody else having this in mind?

[Thanks, Karsten]


"You better fasten your seat belts!" Looks like the additional engine is getting their needed air from the inside, huh?

Martin Kautz, 2006-07-20

Awesome... his comments are excellent!

My favourites are:
Rank 3: "It's a little windy inside but not unbearable."
Rank 2: "Big screen is to avoid FOD (foreign object damage). Jet keeps sucking the rose out of the bud vase on the dash!"
Rank 1: "Hmmm, the car has two engines making the car a hybrid so maybe we can drive in the commuter lanes along with the Toyota Priuses."

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-07-20

But... there's no flower in the dashboard vase!

Jeff Chausse, 2006-07-20

Jeff, it seems as if you can't have it all: "Jet keeps sucking the rose out of the bud vase on the dash!"

He'd have to redirect the air intake of the jet to somewhereelse, but probably he wants to have it suck the air from the passengers' cabin.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-07-20

Two reactions:
1) The jet engine better have an "off" switch
2) He should get better brakes, too

Bob Balaban, 2006-07-20

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