Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

by Volker Weber

Celsius Fahrenheit


Hamburg today 38.3 Celcius. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in town. And now I'm going out with my eledest son on his birthday to have some fresh seafood and chilled wine in a trattoria nearby ... and enjoying the beautiful people slowly passing by on the streets. Cheers!

Cem Basman, 2006-07-20

40 degrees is hot. Everything below that is just warm. Of course, I lived in Arizona for 2 years, and experienced 50 degrees. Your mileage may vary.

Scott Hanson, 2006-07-20

@Scott - yes, but in AZ, the humidity is usually w-a-y below what we usually have - that makes a small difference, you know :-)

John Keys, 2006-07-20

Iceland is also in the grip of a heatwave: 17,3 degrees Celcius.

Morgunblaðið reports that shops closed for the day, and people flocked to the beach, and outdoor swimming pools (and ponds (that we use all year anyway)).


Villi Helgason, 2006-07-20

Hot either way you look at it.

It seems that the whole Northern Hemisphere is suffering from a heat wave!

Even the UK!

Simon Barratt, 2006-07-20

Hier waren es selbst am Strand nach 20.00 Uhr noch 31 Grad. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, wann ich das letzte Mal nach 21.00 Uhr baden war, ohne danach ein Handtuch zu brauchen... Weiter so! :-)

Martin Kautz, 2006-07-20

@John Yes, humidity plays a factor. In AZ real heat begins at 45 ;-) (BTW, Phoenix today will have a high of 46 and a low of 33.)

Seriously, the buildings in Germany are simply not designed to deal with heat. The rooms are closed, the hinged windows can only be opened a crack, and it's impossible to get decent air circulation.

Perhaps one of the consequences of global warming will be that air conditioning becomes a booming business here. :-)

Scott Hanson, 2006-07-21


Nope, a lot of buildings in Germany can handle heat quite good. Especially that one which have thick walls. Sitting here in my home office, and it has usually not more than 26 degrees during the day even if it has more than 35 degrees outside. Only prerequisites are to keep the windows closed after 9:00 am until 09:00 pm and close the shutters. And shut down any heat generating machine, but that's making it complicated doing the business ;-).

Only the cheap office buildings with thin walls, a flat roof and very big windows are nowadays not usable without air condition.

Sven Semel, 2006-07-21

@ vowe

Where do you get forecast graphics like these?

Stephan Meyer, 2006-07-21

That is a standard widget on the dashboard of Mac OS X.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-21

35C is just a normal day in Tampa. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I go out and work in the yard for hours and just drink plenty of water (and beer afterwards ;-) ...We do have some humidity. My son's in Madrid this month, and he said it was 40C yesterday, but it's dry enough that it didn't really bother him ...even without air conditioning.

Regardless, it should be obvious to everyone by now that global warming is real, and we all need to do what we can to lessen our 'carbon footprint' ...*especially* those of us in the USA, where we pump an inordinate amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

Joe Litton, 2006-07-21

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