BlackBerry 8707v: Notebook connected to Vodafone UMTS network

by Volker Weber

Connected through Blackberry 8707v

That was easier than I thought. Well, once I figured out how to set up the modem.

Init string for Vodafone Germany

First you go into the Control Panel and set the modem init string on the fourth tab. Boy, I had not done that in years. This used to be a science. What is the perfect init string for a USRobotics HST? ;-) In this case you set your APN.

*99# as dialup number

Then you create a new dialup entry, select your modem, and set the phone number to *99#. User and password are left blank.

DNS server set

Go to the network tab and configure TCP/IP. Tell it to use the two Vodafone DNS servers. Hit the button underneath and turn off IP header compression:

IP header compression off

That's all. Now you start your Desktop Manager, connect the Blackberry to your USB port and dial the new connection.

If your device is managed by a BES, make sure that IP-modem is not switched off. If you have a 8700 or a 7290, you can connect through GPRS in exactly the same way, you just get a much lower connection speed. Also beware, this is going to run up a substantial traffic bill. For Vodafone UK, your connection string should read "internet", instead of "".


Cool! Bonus points for doing it via Bluetooth? :)

Andy Mell, 2006-07-20

Yup, go ahead. My StinkPad does not have Bluetooth.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-20

Cool - and what about OSX? I have the same problem with my Vodafone UMTS PDA: VPA IV.
Easy to use with windows XP but no chance to use it with my macbook.

Any hints?

thomas meier, 2006-07-20

On the Mac I use the Nokia N70 to connect via UMTS. Marco has sent a bunch of Blackberrys to Novamedia who already support a a lot of devices. The early feedback however is not encouraging. Without the Blackberry desktop software, the device is not exposing a modem. It isn't over, but my bets are on "it does not work".

As for Windows Mobile, Microsoft wants you to stay in the family. :-) Missing Sync is a great companion, but I don't think it exposes the modem.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-20

If anyone gets an hardware error 692 when trying to connect, do NOT copy & paste the init string from a web page or a pdf document. Type at least the quotation marks yourself!

Oliver Regelmann, 2006-07-21

"Smart" quotes? Chortle. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2006-07-21

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