Sametime 7.5 Connect on Citrix, anyone?

by Volker Weber

Some two months ago we had a discussion around running "Hannover" on Citrix. I was concerned that "Hannover" might not behave nicely in a Citrix environment because you cannot share code segments. Now that IBM has released the Sametime 7.5 beta 3 it is the time to take a second look.

Sametime Connect 7.5 is a client based on the same technology as "Hannover" will be. Has anyone tried running it on Citrix yet? And if so, how does it behave?


Erster Test in einer "Sparkassenumgebung" war problematisch, aber das ist nichts Neues, da diese Umgebung immer schon speziell war.
Wir hatten nicht viel Zeit, aber out of the box lief es nicht und in Anbetracht Urlaubssituation alles Weitere erst im September, hope so.

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-07-22

Sametime version 7.01 runs on our coporate Citrix Application Farm without problems. We have been using it for a while now. When we use 7.5, I will let you know how we went. Cheers

Teiva Eez, 2006-07-27

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